Company Background

Australian New Energy Ltd was incorporated in May 2009 seeking to become the major energy supplier from wood residues and fibre for the production of renewable energy.

Our shareholders have a strong background in forest harvesting, resource and logistics management for products sold into domestic and export markets. But have shifted their focus onto the substantial market of existing dry wood waste in our communities – wood waste that is being sent to landfill when a much better option – turning this waste into energy – exists right now.

Our shareholders have a strong background in resource recovery and recycling. In 2009 they recognised that a substantial amount of clean dry wood waste was being sent to landfill across our communities and that there was a much better option. Their solution was to turn this waste into energy by converting it into products that help the environment.

ANE continues to explore options overseas as the international demand for wood pellets increases at a substantial rate. Now seen globally as a genuine alternative to traditional fossil fuels of the past, wood pellets are emerging as the most cost effective sustainable alternative.

Carolyn Probert | Director

Carolyn was born in Perth in 1966. Carolyn is married with 12 year old twins Charlie and Chase and is leading the company with new marketing and promotional opportunities.

Carolyn has been a major supporter of Geelong charities including managing the fundraising functions for the Ronald McDonald Children’s charity in Geelong for 10 years.

Carolyn is a Director of Australian New Energy, Green Care Mulching, The Mulch Centre and Geelong Truck, Fleet and Plant Specialists. These companies employ over 25 highly skilled staff who operate and maintain a fleet of equipment specializing in recycling.

Carolyn has also worked in the fashion and hotel industries.

Carolyn loves travel and challenges and has completed the Kokoda Trail twice and competed in the Great Wall of China half marathon in 2014.